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Hyaluronic and Collagen Carrot Bar

Hyaluronic and Collagen Carrot Bar


Carrot bar

This soap is a nourishing blend of collagen for skin elasticity, hyaluronic acid for hydration, carrots for vitamins, niacinamide for skin health, butter for moisturizing, olive oil for softness, and mango butter for added richness. It aims to promote a well-rounded skincare experience.

  • Carrot body bar

    A carrot body bar with hyaluronic acid can provide multiple benefits for your skin. Carrots contain vitamins that may promote skin health, hyaluronic acid offers hydration, and niacinamide contributes to skin wellness. The combination aims to nourish and moisturize your skin, potentially leaving it feeling softer and more revitalized. Additionally, the inclusion of economical ingredients suggests a cost-effective yet beneficial skincare option.

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